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The Gateway Kitchen

At Gateway, we have an on-site chef who prepares nutritious meals and snacks daily on the premises, using fresh produce which, wherever possible, is locally sourced (sometimes from our own on-site poly tunnel).

We provide children with a range of home-cooked, healthy balanced meals whilst catering for a number of dietary allergies, intolerances and cultural preferences.  

At snack and at lunch times, staff members encourage children to extend learning opportunities and gain awareness of healthy options and choices, whilst developing a range of skills. Meal times provide great opportunities in promoting communication, language, PSED, physical development and understanding the world.

Children are encouraged to be independent and make their own choices at snack times and by helping with tasks such as laying the tables, pouring drinks and helping with snack preparation,  we provide important opportunity for children to develop self-esteem and confidence, show respect and be kind and helpful to each other.

Fresh drinking water and milk are offered at snack times and water is always available throughout the day. The nursery is part of the European Milk Scheme where all children are entitled to 1/3 pint of free milk each day (or non- dairy alternative, for which we do not charge).

We do not permit squash or sugary drinks to be brought into nursery and place an onus on the oral health of children related to the food that we offer.

We like to give children the opportunity to taste different fruits, vegetables and foodstuffs from around the world and this can be reflected in our weekly menu, particularly during themed weeks or festivals relating to different countries and cultures.

Our menu is displayed on notice boards and also on our online platform ‘Famly’ , which becomes available to all parents of children attending the nursery.

We are extremely proud to display a 5 star award from Herefordshire Council’s Environmental Health Officers in recognition of our  excellent food hygiene procedures

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